Business Range
  • Engineering Construction

Sincethe establishment of Beijing Jike, the company has implemented a large numberof PV power generation projects construction work, including off-grid PV systems, PV grid-connectedplants, distributed PV systems and smart grid power station. Beijing Jike hasfulfilled over 100 solar power stations to supply electricity in thehigh-altitude regions in Tibet and Qinghai province.

  • International Cooperation

Sincethe establishment of company, Beijing Jike has actively participated ininternational cooperation projects, undertaken multiple assistance projects,demonstration projects and research tasks and obtained recognition from bothChinese and foreign sides.

  • Consultation

The consultingprojects achieved by Beijing Jike are mainly in the fields of energydevelopment strategic planning, relative industry development study, new-energycity development planning and such subjects at the national level. Beijing Jikealso maintains a long-term cooperation relationship with Energy Research Institute,China National Renewable Energy Center and other research institutes also industryrepresentatives.